Honeyguide Publications has published or produced more than 25 books since 1981. We are also the publisher of 7 top quality map book publications featuring some of Southern Africa’s foremost Wildlife Reserves and Regions:

•Kruger National Park Map Book – English, Afrikaans, German and French editions (multiple reprints)
Etosha Map Book –Bilingual English & German edition (multiple reprints)
Zululand and Maputaland Reserves Map Book – English edition (multiple reprints
Addo Elephant National Park with Mountain Zebra & Camdeboo National Parks Map Book – English edition

•Southern Africa’s Mammals – A Field Guide – Robin Frandsen (1992) – English, Afrikaans & German editions (multiple reprints)
•Succulents of Southern Africa – Robin Frandsen (2017)
•Birds of the Kruger National Park & the Lowveld – Robin & David Frandsen (new publication 2022)
•Birds of Gauteng – Robin & David Frandsen (new publication 2022)


Past Publications

•The Stapeliae – Baron N. von Jacquin (1804). Reproduction work (1981)
•Signs of the Wild – Clive Walker (1981)
•Garden Birds of South Africa – Geoff Lockwood (1981)
•Boer War Tribute Medals – W Hibbard (1982)
•Birds of the South Western Cape – Joy Frandsen (1982)
•The Genus Haworthia – CL Scott (1983)
•The Atlas of Africa’s Principle Mammals – Steve Smith (1984)
•Twilight of the Giants – Clive Walker (1984)
•Lions and Elephants of the Chobe – Bruce Aiken (1984)
•Flowers of Southern Africa – Auriol Batten (1986) English & Afrikaans editions
•Mammals of Southern Africa – Burger Cillie (1987) English & Afrikaans editions

•Ducks, Geese and Swans of Africa – Neville Brickell (1988)
•The Charaxinae Butterflies of Africa – Steven Henning (1988)
•Cry for the Lions – Gareth Patterson (1988)
•Natal the Garden Colony – Donal & Patricia MacCracken (1990)
•Southern African Ferns and Fern Allies – John & Sandy Burrows (1990)
•The Wild Creatures of Southern Africa for Children – Joy Frandsen (1991) English & Afrikaans editions
•The Genus Conophytum – Steven Hammer (1993) Produced for the Succulent Society of South Africa
•Minerals of South Africa – Bruce Cairncross & Roger Dixon (1995) Produced for the Geological Society of South Africa
•Life Etched in Stone – Fossils of Southern Africa – Colin MacRae (1999) Produced for the Geological Society of South Africa